Week 10 of the 52 Week Challenge: “Out in Nature”

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The challenge this week was Out in Nature. Since it was a surprising plus 16 degrees Celsius on Saturday, it was a great day to be out in nature at Big Hill Springs Provincial Park. It was also a bit uncomfortable at times with the combination of mud puddles and ice – luckily when I wiped out my camera was still safe in my camera bag! A photographer friend of mine once said that photography is not as glamorous as people often think 😉 But it was worth a few scrapes to get pictures of the cool natural ice formation next to the waterfalls, and have fun with some abstract photography. Here are some of the photos from this week’s challenge:


Part of the 52 week challenge is about experimenting and trying new techniques. This week I played around quite a bit with black and white photography. I found I often liked the stark black and white colours compared to the washed out winter colours. 

A few notes about these photos:

-I used Silver Efex Pro from the Google Nik Collection for the black and white conversion (free and amazing software!)

-the blurred water in the waterfall was created using a long shutter speed and a neutral density filter. Since the photos were shot in daylight, the ND filter was essential to reducing the light entering the lens, which enabling a long shutter speed without overexposing the photo

-a tripod was used for the blurred waterfall shots to prevent camera shake during the long exposure

-a long shutter speed and an ND filter were used to create the panning effect on the trees. 



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