Week 23 of the 52 Week Challenge – “Gardens – Part I”


The challenge this week was Gardens (Part I). I chose this topic because I really enjoy spending time in beautiful, serene gardens 🙂

You might be wondering where I would find such a garden in Calgary. A couple of years ago I was surprised to learn that the city of Calgary actually has several tranquil public gardens in the midst of its busy urban areas. One of my favourites is the Reader Rock Garden, which is located beside the Calgary Stampede grounds. Despite the name, the garden contains more than just rocks! They have many winding stone paths full of flowers and greenery, little waterfalls and a cute little cafe.

Here are a few of my favourite photos from this week’s photo shoot:


I have included a few tips below:

  • Use a garden path as a leading line to draw your viewer into the photograph.
  • Try taking photos from a different angle, such as looking up at your subject rather than straight on.
  • Try some abstract shots for fun. I especially like using a panning technique to create a blurred abstract appearance. Panning entails deliberately moving the camera while you take your shot. This requires a long shutter speed, such as 1/4 – 1/10 of a second. Too short of a shutter speed would prevent you from catching the movement of the camera during the shot while too slow creates too much movement in the photo.
  • Play around with depth of field. A shallower depth of field can give you a flower in focus while creating a nice blur (bokeh) in the background. A deeper depth of field is ideal for the garden landscapes and allows you to get more in focus.

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