Week 42 of the 52 Week Challenge: Textiles in Marrakech

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My topic this week was Textiles in Marrakech. It was a fun topic to do – the fabrics in Marrakech can have such beautiful, vibrant colours! Here are some of my favourites:


This topic was inspired by my sister Keely Sullivan and photographer Suzanne Porter. Thanks for the inspiration ladies! Keely is a very talented weaver and had asked me to take pictures of textiles for her while I was in Morocco. Suzanne is a travel photographer who runs a fantastic Marrakech private photography tour that I had the pleasure of taking while I was in Marrakech recently. Suzanne had recommended choosing a topic or two and then taking pictures that related to the topic during our 2-day tour. The idea is to be able to tell a story with the photos. I decided textiles would be an interesting topic to keep in the back of my mind while I explored Morocco and one that my sister would appreciate too!

For this particular topic, I wanted to capture numerous elements of textile production in Marrakech:

  • the raw, undyed wool
  • the dyeing process
  • the shipment of the wool
  • weaving and manufacture of the products
  • samples of several finished products
  • one of the many markets where textile products are sold (e.g. carpet market)
  • some of the artisans involved in this process

Telling a story with your photos is a lot of fun. I hope you give it a try!

And if you’re in Marrakech, try out Suzanne’s Marrakech Photo Experience 🙂





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