Week 47 of the 52 Week Project: “Essaouira Fishing Port”

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My topic this week is the Fishing Port in the coastal city of Essaouira. Essaouira is one of my favourite places to visit in Morocco. It is more laid back than Marrakech and is a fantastic place to take photos. I especially loved the hectic fish market and the fact that most of the vendors didn’t mind having pictures taken of their wares as long as you asked first. Plus there were opportunities to take photos of the fishermen bringing in their catch in their vibrant blue fishing boats.

Here are some of my favourite photos from the Essaouira fishing port:


I visited Essaouira as part of a fantastic full day photography workshop with Marc Van Vaek and Veronique Schotte. Their workshop focuses on the photographic eye and learning to see creatively. They encouraged me to really take a look at the scene I was photographing and be more selective about setting up my shots before I took my photos. Veronique also recommended keeping an eye out for interesting colours that could be tied in with other photos in a collage as well as to look for neat textures and shapes. Photographic collages are an interesting topic that I plan on exploring in a future post.

During our visit to Essaouira, we caught the fishermen bringing in their catch in the morning, visited the chaotic fish market, wandered around the medina souks and passageways, and captured the sunset on the harbour. I have quite a photo photos from this awesome day trip and will share some of my favourites in my next few posts.

Marc and Veronique shared photography tips on composition, lighting, exposure, and even tips on being a professional photographer. I learned a lot from their workshop and highly recommend it! Visit their website for more info on their workshops.

I hope you get a chance to visit Essaouira – it’s a wonderful place to visit!




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