Week 17 of the 52 Week Challenge: “Monochrome”

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The challenge this week was Monochrome. This is one of my favourite challenges since I love working with photos in Silver Efex Pro :). I could get lost working in that program for hours on end, and often do! I also wanted to continue working with photos from last weekend’s Comic Expo, and several of those photos work well in black and white. Here are some of my favourites:


I found it fascinating that you can achieve such different looks with the same photograph. Check out the photos below to see what I mean. All three black and white photos originated from the same colour photo (also included below) and were edited differently in Silver Efex Pro. 


A few tips from this week:

  • Try out Google’s Silver Efex Pro! It’s free 🙂 And amazing software…
  • Experiment with your photos – try different black and white settings, such as high contrast, high key, low key, etc.
  • Try the presets in the Silver Efex Pro, and then tweak the settings. Or start from neutral instead and adjust the various settings, one by one. The settings available for adjustment include brightness, contrast, structure, colour filters, grain, levels and curves, tone, vignette, borders, film effects and several others.
  • If you really like your settings and plan on using them on other photos, save them as a preset in Silver Efex Pro.
  • Try out some of the different film effects available in Silver Efex Pro – these mimic effects you might have seen if you had used a film camera and a particular type of film.
  • I have included a few screen shots of Silver Efex Pro below to give you an idea of what the program looks like:



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