Week 19 of the 52 Week Challenge: “Something that makes me smile”

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The challenge topic this week was Something That Makes Me Smile. I chose this topic from a list of challenge topics created by photographer Denise Love at 2 Lil Owls Photography. All of the photos below were taken at Confederation Park in Calgary, one of my favourite parks in the city. This last week the park has been full of things that make me smile – delicate pink and white blossoms on the trees, pretty reflections in the meandering little stream, and groves of green-leaved trees. The trees were great for playing around with panning techniques! Here are some of my favourite shots:


How to use panning techniques to create a painterly, fine art look to your photograph:

  • A longer shutter speed (1/4 to 1/10th of a second) is used allow enough time to create the panning movement in the photograph. This week’s photos were taken with a shutter speed of 1/4 of a second.
  • Set the shutter speed using either manual mode or shutter speed priority mode on your camera, and then adjust the aperture and ISO as needed to balance the exposure.
  • A neutral density filter may be needed to remove some of the light and keep the photograph from becoming overexposed (especially on a bright sunny day).
  • Experiment with moving the camera in different directions while taking the photographs. Moving it up and down, moving it in a C shape or circle, diagonally, etc. All of those various movements can create a really neat effect in the photo. I usually try many different movements to see which one works best for the subject.
  • Experiment with different compositions. Try vertical shots and horizontal ones, and move around to find the best arrangement of trees.
  • Try printing your favourites on Canvas – they often look very much like a painting when you do!

Have fun!



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