The Best Time for an Outdoor Brand Photography Session

Preparing for your Photoshoot


For many entrepreneurs, business slows down during the summer. School is out, the weather is lovely, and vacations are on the calendar! When client work slows down, it’s a great time to invest time in your business with a brand photoshoot. And if you’re in Calgary, summer is a great time to schedule an outdoor brand photography session! Here’s why:

The Best Weather & Nature Backdrops

The weather from June through mid-September is the best it’s going to be all year! The temps are warm, and you don’t need to worry about frostbite! Plus, the trees are gorgeous colours, and the flowers are blooming.

Brands with a Nature-Element

Brands with a strong connection to nature should consider doing part of their brand shoot outdoors since the beautiful backdrops will help communicate the nature-based aspect of the brand. Nature backdrops are perfect for businesses such as: 

  • holistic healers,
  • yoga instructors,
  • makers who use organic or local ingredients,
  • artists who use nature as inspiration, and 
  • personal brands who value the outdoors as a place of leisure or rejuvenation


Get your headshots taken outdoors! A blurred nature backdrop can add warmth to your photograph. This is great if you’d like to deviate from the classic headshots and would like something more welcoming.

If you need a headshot with a more corporate flair, backdrops such as SAIT campus buildings, downtown Calgary corporate towers, and the Central Library are great options.

Your Personal Brand

Outdoor photos can help communicate your personal brand, and help your clients get to know, like and trust you! If you love hiking and nature, get photos taken in a local park. If you love dining on an outdoor patio with friends, get a few friends together and get some photos taken at a picturesque roof-top patio or outdoor patio on Stephen’s Avenue. Consider outdoor locations that you love and how you can incorporate them into brand photos.

Community-Based Brands

Brands who value community can also include an outdoor element in their brand photoshoots. For example, non-profits, coaches and group facilitators can choose community gathering places such as municipal parks and recreation areas for their brand photography sessions. 

Fashion Bloggers & Designers

Outdoor photography sessions aren’t just for nature-based or community brands either. Fashion bloggers and designers inspired by urban lines can use brand photos within the city as a backdrop. And since the weather is nice, you don’t have to wear winter coats!

Almost any brand could use an outdoor backdrop in their brand. And adding the outdoors as a background adds to the variety of images you receive from a brand photo session.

Ready for a Summer Photography Session?

In Calgary, August to mid-September is the perfect time to schedule your brand photoshoot! I currently have one session left in August and two in September. Let me show you what a summer photoshoot can do for your brand! Click the link HERE to learn more about it and how you can work with The Small Business Photographer.

Free Resource!

Looking for a way to stay organized? Check out my free brand photography checklist HERE. It’s designed to help you avoid that frazzled, frantic feeling before your photography sessions!


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