5 Ways to Save Time with Your Brand Photos



Consistently posting fresh images on your social media, blog articles, and marketing can be very time-consuming! 

You’ve got to figure out the best location/backdrop for your photos, decide what to wear, determine the best lighting to use, get your hair and makeup looking nice, find props that help tell your story, and then get someone to take your photos (or use a tripod and take them yourself). Then you need to edit them! It can take a lot of time for just one image. 

But there are several ways to save yourself some time! Here are five of my favourite ways to save time with your brand images: 

1. Plan ahead to Save Time

If you’ve planned your social media content and blog articles (e.g. 1-3 months ahead), then it’s much easier to figure out which photos you’ll need. You don’t necessarily need to have the entire caption or article written, but if you have an idea of the topics, you can plan photos to match your topic. 

2. Have a Library of Edited, On-brand Photos

A library of edited, on-brand photos makes things so much faster! You don’t have to set up a shot and edit a picture whenever you post on Instagram or Facebook. Instead, you can choose one from your library of brand photos when you need to post! Ideally, have enough images in your library for several months of posting. Bonus points if you already have seasonal photos (e.g. Christmas theme) in your collection! 

3. Batch Your Photography Into One Session

Set aside one afternoon or even a whole day for your photography session. Then visit multiple locations, swap outfits throughout the day, add various props, and get different poses. You’ll be surprised how much variety you can get in a single session. Plus, you’ll only have to do the planning, hair and makeup, and editing once! And no one needs to know that you did all your photos on the same day (it’ll be our secret, lol). 

4. Hire a Professional Brand Photographer

Not only will we help plan your session and be more efficient at getting a variety of poses in great lighting, but we’ll also do all the editing for you! 

5. Organize Your Photos

It’s incredibly time-consuming to hunt through hundreds of photos on your iPhone’s “recent” album or dig through your hard drive to find the images you need. Take a little time to organize your photos, and develop a system for managing them. It’ll be much easier to find a picture whenever you need one for a blog post or marketing campaign. Social media schedulers such as Plann and Later allow you to load up all your images and organize them in the program. Spending an hour or so doing this will save you tons of time in the long run since your photos will be immediately accessible whenever you create a post. 

What would you do with your extra time? Personally, I love curling up with a good book or going for a photo walk in a botanical garden! 


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