5 Reasons Why You Might Need a New Headshot


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Your headshots and branded imagery help your dream clients connect with you. Your words and the quality of your services matters, but first impressions can go a long way! When the imagery on your website, business profile, or social media don’t align with the message you’re promoting, your clients will notice and feel the disconnect. That’s why it’s important to have headshots where you feel comfortable, show your authentic self and brand, and are current. Here are five reasons why you might need new or updated headshots this year:

1. Your Headshots Are Out of Date

The first and most common reason you might need new headshots is that your current ones are outdated. A recent, professional headshot gives you credibility and trust with your clients. Your style and brand will naturally evolve, and your headshots should reflect that evolution. If your current headshots are old or don’t look like you, it’s time for some new ones!

2. You’ve Rebranded Your Businesses

When rebranding your business, a lot may change about your company’s offerings, ideal clients, and imagery. Consider including your headshots in these changes. If you have old brand colours or logos in your photos, updating these to maintain a cohesive brand story on your website, social media, and print materials is essential. Plus, professional images will elevate your new brand and give it a professional, polished look.

 3. You Want a Photographer Who Can Capture Your Personality

Your photographer should be able to capture your personality and help you relax during your photoshoot. My superpower is helping my clients feel at ease and letting their inner essence show while I capture photos that truly represent them and their brands. Even if it’s your very first photo shoot and you’re feeling super nervous, I have a process for helping you relax and have fun, which allows me to get amazing photos of you!

4. You’ve Started a New Business

If you are new in business, headshots can showcase your authentic self and help you connect with your ideal audience. Is your brand traditional or serious? Creative or have a silly side? You can use your branded headshots to showcase your personality and your brand’s style. Getting professional headshots gives you an advantage when starting your business, as you’ll have branded, professional images to use in all your marketing efforts. Use your brand photos on your website, social media accounts, business profiles, and more to elevate your brand. To help get you started, you can use my free guide on where to use your professional headshots in your marketing.

Inspire Trust With Your Audience

People tend to trust you more if they can see your face. With professional headshots, your company is no longer just a name; it has a face, personality and relatability. Before your ideal clients meet you or work with you, they will establish a level of trust and have an idea of who you are. You can help capture your brand even further with brand photography. When you tell your story with creative and innovative photography shoots, you can further help your business stand out from the competition and connect with your ideal customers.

 5. You’re Currently Using Selfies

Selfies work okay when you’re brand new to the business, but as you grow your company, professional headshots bring a certain level of credibility that basic selfies do not. Professional, quality headshots help you stand out as someone with authority and experience, whereas selfies tend to have poor lighting, low resolution, and distracting backgrounds—the telltale signs of being new in the business.

Attract Dream Clients

The law of attraction reveals that low-quality imagery will attract low-quality clients. Using professional, branded headshots and photography that highlight your key qualities will attract more of your dream clients. 

The energy and the story you tell with your branding will attract those who align with or feel seen by you. The more consistent your brand is through photography, the more likely you will attract your dream clients, as they will resonate with you and your tone.

Calgary Business Photographer & Calgary Headshot Photography

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