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Brand photography helps you establish the know, like, and trust factor by showing the people behind the business. It helps present a consistent image of your company and your team and helps you stand out from competitors using generic stock imagery. But where should you use your brand photos?

You can use your brand photos to help your business stand out in many ways. From your website to your social media accounts to ads and print materials. Today, I’d like to share seven easy-to-use brand photos to make an impression and engage your dream audience on social media.

1. On Your Profile Image Across Your Social Media Platforms

I recommend using the same professional headshot as your profile image on all your social media accounts. This helps provide consistency and makes it easier for people to find you on different platforms.

Simple headshots with a plain or blurred background are perfect for profiles. They’re simple, and the attention is focused on your face, which helps people recognize you when they’re searching for you on social media. Also, having a professional profile photo elevates your brand above those using unflattering selfies.

Example of a circular social media profile photo

2. Humanize Your Business With Connection Posts

Example of a personal brand photo combined with a connection post on Instagram.

Personal brand photos are a fantastic way to help your audience get to know you. They work well in your ‘About Me’ posts on your social channels to show the real people behind the business. You can connect these photos with brand information, including your bio, how you started your business, and any challenges you may have overcome.

Potential clients like to see the faces of the people they’re considering working with and sharing interesting facts about yourself makes you more relatable. Plus, when you share personal facts about yourself, you’ll often find many in your audience with similar interests or hobbies. Not only does this make them feel more connected to you, but it can also help generate engagement in DMs and comments on your posts.

3. Show Behind-the-Scenes Images

Example of a Behind-the-scenes brand photo for a chiropractor.

Many people love to get a peek behind the curtain and see how the business operates or get a sense of what your services feel like. Personalized behind-the-scenes brand imagery helps people see how you work with clients and helps your audience get a sense of your vibe.

Your behind-the-scenes images can showcase the tools you use in your trade or the services you provide in action. These pictures also help your ideal client imagine what it’s like to work with you.

When choosing your models for your photos, selecting people who represent your ideal client avatar or dream clients is essential. For example, don’t choose a 20-year-old female model if you work primarily with middle-aged couples. Note: you don’t have to hire expensive models for your photography sessions – you might have friends, family or clients you can ask to be your models.

4. Show Off Your Authentic Self

Example of an authentic smile showing my client’s personality.

Do you ever get people acting surprised when they meet you or saying you’re nothing like your headshot? If that’s the case, it’s time for new photos!

You’ll want photos that allow your personality to shine through so people feel like they already know you before meeting you.

One of the reasons many of my clients come to me is to help them get fresh photos that show their personalities. They’re tired of stuffy, awkward headshots that don’t look or feel like them. As your brand photographer, I help you relax on camera and capture your authentic self. Your personality will shine through when you feel at ease in front of the camera and have guidance on where and how to pose. Plus, we’ll have fun!

Pro Tip: Read my blog for Three Tips For Getting Authentic Expressions in Your Photos.

5. Pair Brand Photos With FAQ Posts

Example of a photo that can be paired with a FAQ for a chiropractor.

Ever wonder what images to use with an FAQ post? Try pairing your branded images with frequently asked questions that offer helpful tips to your audience. Another great way to come up with FAQs is to ask your audience directly, ask during networking events, or even from your clients while you’re working with them. Then, match behind-the-scenes brand portraits or custom stock images with each FAQ. And don’t hesitate to address the questions you wish people would ask you!

6. Show the Transformation

Example of a celebratory pose.

Display branded before-and-after photos to show the transformation your clients will experience working with you. This can evoke an emotional response in your ideal client and give them a glimpse of how their life could improve after working with you. You could do this with brand photos by showing a customer’s frustration beforehand and their joy and celebration after working with you.

7. Support Your Launches

A brand photo that can be used for my client’s campaign about dog chiropractic services.

Consider having a branded photo session when introducing a new product or service. You can use these images to advertise new offerings or seasonal promotions. Brand photos also help you create new landing pages and sales pages for your marketing campaigns or webinars.

Pro Tip: When planning out your calendar of launches, schedule a brand photography session before each launch to help you prep your marketing materials and reduce your stress around launch time.

 Create Content with Ease Using Brand Photos

I recommend taking the ideas in this article and setting aside a few hours each month to write content to pair with your brand photos. You’ll easily create a month’s worth of content ready to schedule in just a few hours.

If you want more tips on using your branded photos, you can access my free guide by clicking here.

Explore Small Business Photography in Calgary

As a professional brand photographer, I can help you to explore your brand vision and develop a branding strategy to promote your business and attract your ideal client. If you want to learn more about brand photography in Calgary, book a free consultation call with me.


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