Confidence Affirmations To Use Before Your Photography Session

Preparing for your Photoshoot


I recommend adding daily affirmation reminders to your phone for the week before your brand photography session. This way, they’ll pop up on your phone and remind you of how confident & beautiful you are!

Here are several of my favourites:

✨ I love what I do, and I’m excited to let my dream clients get to know me!

✨ I attract success by being my authentic self

✨ I release the need for perfection

✨ I am ready to be visible so my dream clients can get to know me

For more Confidence Affirmations, check out my free resource HERE!

Afformations vs. Affirmations

One challenge with affirmations is that our brain often has trouble believing them. A way around this is to use Afformations instead of Affirmations. 

Afformations are a creation by Noah St. John, and the idea is to reframe the affirmation as a question. The human brain is wired to answer questions! If you frame your affirmation as a question, your brain will start thinking of reasons why it’s true. 

Here are some examples of Afformations and some answers to get you started with your brainstorming:

1. Why do I attract success by being my authentic self?

People buy from those they know, like and trust, and showing your authentic self will help them get to know and trust you. Also, you’ll attract clients who are a great fit for your personality and who will enjoy working with you!

2. I am ready to be visible and to put myself out there, so my dream clients can get to know me.

While it can be nerve-wracking to stop hiding, and instead step forward to being the face of your business, doing so will attract your dream clients and help them get to know you! With each person you serve, you can make a positive difference in their life!

3. I am beautiful and photogenic.

This one can be challenging for some of you, but I invite you to think about all the things you love about yourself! Whether it’s the colour of your eyes or hair, how joy shines through your smile or the positive energy you bring to those around you. 

Also, understand that many photos where you didn’t feel photogenic were likely taken by people who didn’t understand how to take a flattering picture! There are several ways to capture more flattering images, including choosing better poses, lighting, composition, camera lens (yes, some can cause unflattering distortion), and clothes that photograph well. I never thought I was photogenic until I had professional portrait photos taken three years ago!

I’d love for you to try affirmations or afformations before your next photography session, and then let me know if they helped!

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