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4 Reasons Why You Should Use AI to Create Stock Imagery

Business Tips

Examples of AI generated stock images

AI-generated stock images are a great way to create branded imagery for your marketing materials, website, and social media. Here’s why you should consider Artificial Intelligence.

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How to Prepare For Your Brand Photography Session

Preparing for your Photoshoot

Preparing for your brand photography session is easy when you have a complete checklist to ensure you’re organized, rested, confident, and ready to have fun!

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7 Easy Ways to Use Brand Photography in Social Media

Social Media

Example of a connection post for social media

Using brand photos on social media provides familiarity and increases trust with your dream clients. Here are 7 easy ways to use them on all platforms.

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How to Choose the Right Location for Your Brand Photography Session


The location for a brand photography session should not be an afterthought. It’s the backdrop that helps tell your brand story. Here’s how to choose a spot!

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5 Reasons Why You Might Need a New Headshot


Your headshot is the first impression your clients and customers have of you. Does it represent you and your brand? If not, you might need new ones.

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5 Ways to Save Time with Your Brand Photos



5 tips for saving time with your brand photos.

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The Best Time for an Outdoor Brand Photography Session

Preparing for your Photoshoot


For many entrepreneurs, business slows down during the summer. School is out, the weather is lovely, and vacations are on the calendar! When client work slows down, it’s a great time to invest time in your business with a brand photoshoot. And if you’re in Calgary, summer is a great time to schedule outdoor sessions! Here’s why:

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When to Start Planning Your Brand Photoshoot

Preparing for your Photoshoot


Tips on when to start planning your brand photoshoot, so it is successful and the images resonate with your brand!

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Three Tips For Getting Authentic Expressions in Your Photos

Preparing for your Photoshoot

Three tips on getting photos that capture your essence, have authentic expressions and resonate with your brand.

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5 Essential Things To Know About Your Brand Before Scheduling a Brand Photography Session

Preparing for your Photoshoot

Samantha's brand photo

Brand photography is more than a generic headshot – photos are crafted to tell your story, allow your personality to shine through the images, and ensure that the pictures resonate with your brand. To do that, we need to have a good understanding of your brand!  Here are five essential things to know about your […]

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Resident Fashion’s Brand Photography Session

Client Showcases

Brand photography from Resident Fashion's session

Meet Angelina, the Founder and creative mind behind Resident Fashion, a trendy fashion blog and soon-to-be e-commerce fashion store. Fashion has always been an interest of hers, and she loves empowering women and making them feel beautiful, starting with their outfits! She also has fantastic articles on fashion that educate women on fabrics, style and […]

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Classic Headshots vs. Brand Portraits

Branding Tips

Here’s a brief overview of both to help you figure out whether you need a classic headshot or a series of authentic brand portrait images for your business.

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My 52-Week Photography Project is Complete!

Blog Posts

My 52-week photography project is now complete! Here are some of my favourite photos taken during my project:   If you would like to improve your photography, are looking for some inspiration and/or a photographic challenge, I highly recommend trying a photography project. I found that my photography grew by leaps & bounds over the […]

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